After Killing Burhan Wani, India Is Now Blinding People In Kashmir

WARNING: The following article contains graphic content which may be sensitive to some readers.

Unjust, brutal killings, raping women, and displacing people– when will Kashmir get the justice it deserves? 50 years and countless deaths- what is the future of Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir are seeing the worst of their days since the 9th of July. That was the day after Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Burhan Wani, got shot in a police encounter. Protest turned into war as the Indian police reacted with brute force. Life has been paralyzed in the Occupied Kashmir after India enforced a complete curfew. However, this did not stop Kashmiris from giving voice to their opinions and freedom slogans.

Hundreds of Kashmiris have turned to the streets, throwing rocks at the authorities. As a result, the police reacted by murdering as many as 45 people while more than 3400 have been injured in what seems like a never ending war.

Telecommunication networks have been jammed and there have been reports that the authorities are firing above waist level. Normally, a violent protest is dispersed and cooled down using water cannons.

However, India has been using its own despotic methods to bend the crowd to its own will. What is even more shocking is how Facebook is manipulating daily posts of people, deleting all Kashmir violence related posts. In fact, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s official page was shut down after he raised his voice against India on this matter.

Recently, reports have emerged about the authorities using pellet guns aimed directly at heads to disperse crowds. People are suffering from permanent blindness due to this while other victims are being reported as found dead. Protests have escalated so much that people are raising Pakistani flags and painting themselves green and white when going out to face the police as a show of strength.

It is about time that the UN takes off its blindfold and recognize the cruelty and in-humaneness that India is carrying out in Kashnir. It is about time that the world realizes that Kashmir is not a property of India; the history itself has a vital piece of evidence stating that Kashmir was given to Pakistan.

Since how long will this world keep on watching the rise in the death tolls as hundreds of Kashmiris die and thousands get injured in a protest that did not start on July 9, but on 15 August, 1947?

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