Girl Came To Pakistan After 7 Years And Her Parents' Reaction Was Priceless

This Girl Came To Pakistan After 7 Years And Her Parents’ Reaction Was Priceless

If you belong to a middle-class Pakistani household, you can relate to how difficult it must be for your parents to manage things financially at home. From paying a huge sum of money for your semester to making sure that you achieve your dreams, parents work day in a day out just to see their children doing well.

This video of a young girl, who completed her Medical studies from abroad, came back to Pakistan after seven long years. She wanted to surprise her parents as they weren’t aware of her arrival. With the stethoscope around her neck, she said that it was her father’s dream to see her become a doctor. They have waited for 20 years for this dream to come true. Now that she has achieved her goal, fulfilling their dream, she has come back to Pakistan after receiving two degrees from one of the world’s best universities.

Have a look at this emotional video:

Parents give away a lot to see their children achieve their goals in life. This daughter-father duo always dreamed for her to become a doctor and after such sheer hard work and dedication, she finally has made her father proud. Living away from your family for so long is not easy at all, yet she did what it takes to fulfill your parent’s dream.

People on social media got emotional after seeing this video. The struggle and pain of living can easily be seen in this clip. Here’s how the viewers have reacted towards this girl’s journey:

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Almost everyone who has watched this video can relate to it, especially those who are already studying abroad and haven’t met their parents for so many years.

Here’s wishing this girl and many other students who have settled abroad for educational purposes, a very bright future. More power to you all for making your parents proud!

More power to you all for making your parents proud!

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