I Will Work With Brands For Free. Just Give Me Ration And Funds: Afridi

Shahid Afridi

Pakistan’s favorite cricketer Shahid Afridi has once again proved to be the most human in these crucial times. Analyzing the escalating coronavirus situation in Pakistan, the legendary cricketer had earlier launched the donation challenge. Now he is even ready to work for free to continue the battle against COVID-19.

Taking to Twitter, Afridi had requested the world cricketers to participate in his #DonateKaroNa campaign and donate as much as they can. Already, providing ration to many hunger-stricken families, the former cricketer has now turned towards the famous brands. In a short video, Boom Boom is urging different brands to donate ration to his campaign (instead of paying him) in exchange for his services.

Here’s the video posted on Shahid Afridi’s Twitter

There’s no doubt that Shahid Afridi has always been ahead of others for philanthropic work and supporting others. This crucial time has brought best in Pakistanis and such individuals deserve every ounce of appreciation. Because of Afridi’s leading qualities in times of crisis and his esteemed efforts have made him Pakistan’s favorite.

Shahid Afridi’s request to the brands

Well, in his video message, Afridi revealed that from now, he won’t be charging brands for any sort of services provided by him.

He started with, ”I hope everyone is fine and are taking care of themselves. At this time, I’m trying to send a different message. Especially, for those people with whom I have worked, did different commercials for them, endorsed their brands.”

Shahid Afridi Brands Donate Ration

Daily Times

Furthermore, Afridi stated, ”Previously, I provided those services for my benefit and they (brands) also utilized me for marketing purposes. Now, I want to change things a little bit, I’m requesting them (brands) and giving myself services for this country (Pakistan). As you all know that our food drive is already in process. We are trying to cover different areas and now want to spread it on a larger scale. Pakistan is a huge country and many people are waiting for ration.”

Not money but only humanity

”I don’t want anything financially, I’m all-time available for you. Be it any social activity, anything on social media or be it TV, I’m available for all the brands out there. I don’t want money, I just want you to give me ration so that I can help those in need for Pakistan,” he concluded.

Shahid Afridi Brands Donate Ration

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It is indeed an amazing gesture from the star cricketer and his services both, on-ground and off-ground, for Pakistan will always be remembered. Hopefully, the brands will look into Shahid Afridi‘s impactful request and will help him feeding many hungry families.

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