WATCH: Shahid Afridi Blushing While Talking About His Wife & Love Life For The First Time

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Pakistani cricket superstar Shahid Afridi is among the most handsome cricketers of all-time. He has a huge fan following across the globe. But, it is also a known fact that he is very close to his family. His wife never came in public and neither Afridi ever shared much about his personal life.

However, now for the first time ever, Afridi has opened up about his love life and how he got married to wife Nadia Afridi.

In an interview with Nida Yasir in her morning show, Afridi said, “When I first saw the picture of Nadia I didn’t like her. She was wearing a lot of makeup. Later on, when I saw her pictures without makeup I was like ok.”

He added that he first saw her on the night of their marriage. Nadia is not a fan of cricket so she didn’t know him much as well. But, Afridi confessed that she was a possessive wife and it took him a lot of time to convince her about the female attention he usually gets.

“It’s been 16 years since I got married and I’m still convincing her about my female fans. She never checked my phone but we have the same Apple Ids so she can keep a check on me,” he laughed.

On a serious note, the couple shares good chemistry and understands each other. He also praised his wife for always being supportive and keeping him down to earth. Afridi and his wife have five beautiful daughters together.

Afridi daughters are his biggest support system. They were also seen on-field when he represented Pakistan. The cute girls also resemble him a lot and always grab the limelight when accompanying him on occasions.

Earlier, in his book he also made a controversial statement about his daughters which irked many. He clearly stated that his daughters were not allowed by him to play outdoor sports due to religious and social reasons.


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