Youth Of Kashmir Chants “Boom Boom Afridi” As Ex-Indian Captain MS Dhoni Enters Ground


The Indian Occupied Kashmir has remained under lockdown for almost 200 days now. After decades of human rights violations, the valley still sees no support from the United Nations as of now. Any Indian regime that comes along continues the same atrocities, with zero accountability.

Years of torture and a fading tolerance force the youth of Kashmir to remain afloat from patriotism towards India. Another episode of the same feeling was seen two years ago when Ex-Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni visited Kashmir.

Allegedly, the tournament that Dhoni was invited to was organized by the Indian Army. After hundreds of Kashmiris were forced to attend the event, they made sure the whole world knows where their allegiances lie.

Dhoni Afridi

Source: cricketaddictor

As soon as Mahendra Singh Dhoni entered the ground, chants of ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ first slowly started jeering. As the irked Army officers tried to control to uncontrollable Kashmiri youth, the chants, however, started to get louder.

Kashmiri youth chants ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ on Dhoni’s face

As the video went on, the chants of ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ only get louder. The upset on the face of the Indian Army officers could clearly be seen. Consequently, the youth of Kashmir made sure that every single Indian in the ground could hear them take Shahid Khan Afridi’s name.

Afridi army

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In addition, this episode reminds us of how Harbhajan Singh and other Indian cricketers ended their friendship with Shahid Afridi. It was Afridi’s narrative and his voice for Kashmiris that stung Indian cricketers and made them take the step. Since then Bhaji, Yuvraj, and others have also come out making their distance with Afridi’s statement.

Moreover, Shahid Afridi, ever since coronavirus hit Pakistan, has been trying to aid the poor of the country. He has also been voicing his opinion in a similar manner for Kashmiris. This viral video is the perfect example of knowing who the Kashmiris want to be with, and how much they love Afridi as an individual.

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