Afghans Ambushed Pakistan Fans Outside The Stadium And Pakistanis Are Calling Them ‘Namak-Haram’

There was heat during India Vs Pakistan and there’s nothing new about it. The rivalry between India and Pakistan goes way back and while the players have matured (whether for the sake of optics or genuinely), the rivalry exists politically and between the citizens as well.

On the other hand, we have the cricket team of Afghanistan – playing for the first time in the cricket worldcup. Given the history between Afghanistan-India-Pakistan, today’s match between Pakistan and Afghanistan is also a big deal for many.

A Hashtag Trend on Twitter Started During the Match: ‘PakistanVsNamakHarams’

During any sporting event in which Pakistan participates, it is common to see it appear on the panel, just like the #PAKvAFG here. However, what’s not common is trending of a hashtag which is racist in nature. During the first innings of the match, various Twitteratis tweeted in favor and against the hashtag #PakistanVsNamakHarams.

Politics Should Remain Away From Sports and That’s About It!

You’d Know It

All of this is not limited to social media only.

Outside the Stadium, Afghanistan Fans and Pakistani Fans Got Into a Huge Brawl

First they started by breaking the entrance gate. The crowd of Afghanistan supporters fought hard against the British security while forcing their way in the stadium.

On the Other Hand, the Afghanistan and Pakistan Supporters Got In A Physical Fight Outside Leeds Stadium

Supporters were seen throwing fists and material things at each other when all of this got ugly.

Before These Two Incidents, a Plane with ‘Justice for Balochistan’ Slogan was Flown Over the Stadium

As mentioned before, sports should be kept away from politics. All of this leads to visible hatred that is dispersed in the essence of the game as well, which we got to see during this match among the supporters as well.

Let’s wait and see how the British security takes action against these various acts that we got to see during the match.

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