Afghan Refugee Seeks Help After A Swabi Family Gets His Sister Kidnapped For Refusing ‘Rishta’

Afghan Refugee Kidnapped rishta Swabi Family

A Pakistani-born Afghan refugee named Habib ur Rehman took to Twitter to share the painful ordeal he and his family went through. Despite the registration of the First Information Report (FIR), there has been no action taken. More so, four days have passed since the incident wreaked havoc at his home. The sister of this Afghan refugee got kidnapped by a Swabi family for refusing a rishta.

Rehman lives in Swabi. He begins on Twitter by explaining how four gunmen entered his home and ruined everything.

“Some people threatened us before also, and I know them.”

Moreover, he shares that a family asked for his sister’s hand. “We refused the guy is part of gangsters, after that, they said, “tum Afghano ka wese b koi poochne wala nahe hum kisi bhi waqt otha sakte hain [nobody cares about you Afghanis, we will come again at any time]…”

He added, “I can do anything but don’t want to take the law in my hand, I respect this country as my home, I respect the law of this country, that’s y requesting authorities for help, waiting for justice, my family is in pain, agar mera koi nahe Allah tu hai na, Refugee he sahe insan tu hun [if I don’t have anyone else, I have Allah, a refugee is also a human].”

Rehman goes on to share the pictures of some of the culprits involved in the incident.

FIR is registered but the culprits are still at large

As it appears, Rehman has contacted the concerned authority. However, there has been no result. He contacted DPO Swabi Imran Shahid, and he just said, “Ok, I will see and cut the phone.”

“Tweeted and mentioned lots of people but nobody contacted me, the gunmen picked my little sister and runaway… to whom I contact for help? Yes I’m refugee but a human with a family,” he adds.

The sad state of Afghan refugees in Pakistan is no secret, the man’s sister been kidnapped over refusing to a rishta to a Swabi family, it’s terrifying. This individual’s report delves deeper into the horror these settlers face, and unravels horrifying accounts of how the authorities pay no heed to their maltreatment.

Last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan while speaking at an event issued a warning reiterating the refugee crisis starting from India. Regardless, since Pakistan has been providing shelter to many Afghan nationals, the Premier called it his country’s pride.

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