K-P School Topper ‘Afghan Refugee’ Faces Hurdles In Getting Into His Dream College

afghan refugee admission

Education is the most significant thing in altering the course of a nation. Pakistan has a meager literacy rate of 62 percent, including those who can only read and write their names. The condition of the literacy rate in Afghanistan is even worse, which is around 43 percent. Soon after the Afghan war, a diaspora of Afghans migrated to Pakistan, including the family of Mehboob-ur-Rehman. The young boy managed to secure one of the top positions in the Mardan Board of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

Mehboob was born in Pakistan. His family migrated into Pakistan some 38 years ago. He got the second position from the Mardan board in matriculation. However, the bright Afghan student is facing issues in getting into Islamia College Peshawar.

Talking to Independent Urdu, Mehboob said, “I wanted to get admission to Islamia College Peshawar but when I went there the vice-chancellor of the college said that Afgan students on POR (Afghan card) cannot take admission to the college. For them to take admission in the college, a passport or a visa is necessary.”

The student continued, “It is my wish to get admission in Islamia college because it is a historical educational institute.”

afghan refugee admission

Source: Independent Urdu

The siblings of Mehboob are also studying in Pakistani schools. Besides, to get an Afghan passport and Pakistani Visa, Mehboob needs to go to Afghanistan.

However, due to the pandemic of coronavirus, he can’t go to his country. Furthermore, Mehboob also fears the Afghan authorities may not let him come back to Pakistan if he reaches Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan for decades

The Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan for decades. The generous Pakistani government and people have always welcomed. However, as the Afghan peace deal has culminated successfully, there is a ray of hope for Afghan refugees to go back to their country.

Meanwhile, it is quite unfortunate that Mehboob cannot get admittance in Islamia College Peshawar. Hopefully, the provincial government will find a way to help the young Afghan refugee.


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