Afghan Healer Claims He Has Found COVID-19 Cure – Kabul Warns Against The Medicine

Afghan coronavirus drug

Coronavirus has caused immense controversy in Afghanistan. However, a controversy has recently stirred after a healer, Hakeem Alakozai maintained that he has found medicine to treat COVID-19.


Afghan coronavirus drug

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Several people in Afghanistan are in support of the medicines. However, Afghan health officials have close down the clinic of the traditional healer. Moreover, they have also warned people against the prescribed medicine.

Apparently, the medicine is made with a syrup extracted from plants. However, Hakeem Alkozai has not revealed the formula of the medicine. Alkozai practices in herbal medicines, he is an Unani practitioner.

Afghani denizens

Many in Afghanistan are worried after the government closed down his clinic. Fahima, a resident of Kabul talked to Radio Free Afghanistan.

She said, “We want to request the government to let us use the medicine Hakeem sahib has prepared because there is no remedy for this disease anywhere.”

She asked, “What is our fault in this?” and added, “Why is the government not allowing us to get medicine from Hakeem sahib when it cannot provide treatment or do anything [about this disease]?”

Another guy, Mohammad Imran, told the Radio Free Afghanistan that Alkozai’s medicine has cured many in his family. “More patients [among our relatives] have arrived from various provinces to get the treatment.”

Imran continued, “The government should let us get this medicine so the rest of our guests can be treated.”

Afghan coronavirus drug

Source: Facebook

Alakozai claims that he has treated thousands with hi medicine. In a video, the Hakeem said, “The coronavirus is a mixture of old diseases such as cold, flu, cough, malaria, and typhoid” He added, “Unlike the past, all these diseases have united in attacking patients by the order of Allah to torment people.”

Afghan lawmaker

Afghan Lawmaker, Kamal Naser Osuli, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and tried Alkozai’s medicine. As per the politician, the medicine did not work on him. He wrote in a Facebook post, ” I was sick and friends even sent me Alkozi medicine I ate it but it didn’t affect me positively. Today, Doctor Sahib came to me and said that your situation has also destroyed Alkozi’s medicine, and even ten people who die in Japan Heal Khan, all of them have eaten the medicine of Alkozi.”

قدرمنو دوستانو سلامونه او نېکې هیلې مې ومني ! د اختر په اوله ورځ تبه راغله ‌‌‌‌‌‌ډاکټر مې کور ته را وغوښت هغوي چې…

Gepostet von ‎Kamal naser osuli کمال ناصر اصولي‎ am Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2020

In conclusion, Afghanistan has witnessed 750 plus deaths and there are around 32000 coronavirus cases. There are mixed opinions about the medicine of Alkozai. As per scientific methods, medicine is not effective because they have been no clinical trial of the drug.  Presently, Afghan authorities have warned against the drug because it is unable to cure the lethal COVID-19 virus.


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