Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Birth Control Pills

One of the biggest problems Pakistan faces is of a peaking growth in population which immersed during the last couple of decades. Home to almost 190 million people, Pakistan is a country where cities remained locked and do not tend to grow on the outskirts – thus, the increase in creates many troubles and hurdles, hindering job opportunities. This is why the concerned authorities always talk about family planning and using birth control pills (contraceptives).

However, just as they say that nothing comes free, similarly, use of birth control pills usually comes at a cost. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of birth control pills and the medium of using any contraceptive.

According to emedexpert, oral contraceptives contain synthetic forms of two female hormones: either progestin alone or estrogen and progestin. Estrogen and progestin regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle, and the fluctuating levels of these hormones play an essential role in fertility.

Benefits and Advantages of Using Birth Control Pills


In Pakistan, women usually are the ones that suffer due to the surprise pregnancies or are forced into it by the patriarchal system. Using birth control pills gives a 98% chance of preventing pregnancies and serves as a highly effective reversible contraception. Some women who cannot visit gynecologists too often and have irregular periods can benefit by using contraceptive birth control pills, in addition to less painful cramps.

Birth control pills also help protect against diseases, improve acne and reduce extra hair on the body. One advantage that the women in Pakistan could really do is with that of the prevention of osteoporosis that is very common in the country. Using contraceptive birth control pills does not affect future fertility in women and a 40-year research on emedexpert proves that contraceptives are good for women.


Apart from the medical aspect of using contraceptive and birth control pills, Pakistan can really do with a controlled population (this has now become a popular public opinion). Campaigns by Sabzsitara (Greenstar) and other NGOs have lead to slogans such as “Bachay do hi achay,” which prove that the country is indeed fighting against an increased population crisis.

Disadvantages and High Risks That Come With Birth Control Pills (Contraceptives)


Just as in the rest of the world, the tales of 40% women being affected due to side-effects of using contraceptives, exists in Pakistan as well. Apart from the medical agendas and side-effects, in Pakistani society, using birth control pills goes against the system where in rural areas, having more children is often considered as an emblem of pride.

Back on the medical side-effects, it is said that using contraceptive birth control pills increases the chances of heart attacks in women, especially if they smoke. The estrogen present in the pills also makes having a stroke a high possibility. Severe headaches, unstable blood pressure, nausea, depression, frequent vomiting and clotting of blood also add to the cause of the marginal side-effects that come with using contraceptive birth control pills.


One of the claim says that birth control pills are not safe and can not be prescribed to all women. The condition of one body differs with another and this is why every woman should check with their doctor (if they can, which is a very difficult task in Pakistan, especially the hinterlands) before using any forms of a contraceptive.

In a nutshell, it can be said that in Pakistan, using contraceptives has now become mandatory in some aspects. Either the country expands its cities, or the increasing population will further drive us high and dry. Medically, birth control pills still prove to be 60% to the advantages of its pros and cons. The risk factor and chances of having any side effects are less than the benefits it causes for the women body.

Currently, in Pakistan, there is a blanket ban by PEMRA on any contraceptive advertisement.

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