Adnan Siddiqui Making Fun Of Sarfaraz’s Speech Is Wrong On So Many Levels

adnan siddiqui and sarfaraz ahmed

With its new format, Fahad Mustafa’s popular gameshow Jeeto Pakistan has been the hub of much celebrities. Since there is less audience participation so celebrities are taking part in different games. 

A video from the game show is getting viral in which Siddiqui is seen misbehaving with Sarfaraz live on national television during the game show.

The two, head the Lahore Captains and Quetta Knights teams respectively on the show’s PSL inspired format. They were in the spotlight yesterday with some interesting verbal duels that attracted much attention.

Facing each other off there was some amount of verbal tussling, as happens on the cricket pitch too. However, few of Adnan Siddiqui‘s comment didn’t go down well with the audience as he tried to mock the Pakistani skipper. He even mocked Sarfaraz’s speech disability which wasn’t right.

Twitter erupts after Adnan Siddiqui mimics Sarfaraz Ahmed

Following the incident, Twitter users lambasted Siddiqui for his insensitive behaviour towards the cricketer. They criticized him for disrespecting national heroes like him. And also, they felt it was an inappropriate way to deal with a speech disability.

Previously, the veteran actor had apologized to the families of deceased Bollywood stars Sridevi and Irrfan Khan over insensitive comments by host Aamir Liaquat Hussain. He labeled it as an ‘extremely callous’ act to joke about the deceased. He won many praises for his act, but now his recent stunt on a  live show has shocked many.

Well, having fun is different and mocking someone’s disability on a live TV show is totally wrong. We hope that senior actor Adnan Siddiqui realizes this too and apologize to the Pakistani skipper.

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