Adnan Hussain Talks About Tamasha Season 2 Drama and Industry Insights

Adnan Hussain, also known as Addy, spilled the beans on the drama behind Tamasha Season 2. During Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast, Addy talked about the controversy surrounding the winner and how some contestants were upset with each other. He, too, faced rumors of being always relaxed, clarifying that although he tried various drugs out of curiosity in the past 20 years, he doesn’t use any now, especially not buying a single line of powder for 10,000 rupees.

Formerly a drummer with a love for heavy metal music, Adnan shared his journey into painting and acting. As a freelancer with multiple talents, he discussed favoritism in the industry, revealing that even Tamasha had an on-set favorite, Faizan Sheikh.

Adnan highlighted the industry’s dynamics, mentioning that if they want to make you a star, they’ll work on your weaknesses, but if not, nothing will work in your favor.

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