Dear Admin – Making Fun of the English of Group Members is a Repulsive Thing to Do

Not every person has the same opportunities as the another. If you’re lucky, you’re born into a family where your parents can afford to send you to a good school and you spend your time reading books and interacting with people who speak English. If not, there are many other things that you may need to focus on such as stuff at home and working a job so you don’t have the luxury of improving your language.

One would think no human being would be as shallow as to make fun of someone’s lack of grammatical skill. But you would be wrong.

Yesterday, a girl posted a review on a very popular food group about a restaurant. Her review made complete sense.

However, the main admin of the group thought otherwise and did something hideous. She comment on the girl’s lack of grammar.

Honestly. Why do we focus on such petty things? Thankfully, some people had the sense to tell her what she did was wrong.


A girl posted something to do with food on a food review group. What is the point of criticizing her grammar? It won’t get you anywhere and just shows how pretentious and arrogant you are. If you’re picking out someone’s grammatical errors for the sake of being funny, you’re nothing more than a spoiled brat. If you can’t do anything better in your spare time than pick out someone else’s flaws, just shut up and not say anything. Your opinion is not just unnecessary- it’s pointless and hurtful as well.

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