Adil Rashid And Moeen Ali’s Exit From England’s ‘Champagne’ Celebration Is Calling For True Muslim Spirit!

The massive cricket tournament ended with the first ever England’s World Cup win yesterday. After a nail-biting match with New Zealand, the English men finally landed themselves in the ICC’s World Cup winning club. The major achievement definitely called for a major celebration for Eoin Morgan and team. The final battle sure was a delight to watch as English batsman Ben Stokes showcased his world-class batting till the end.

Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali, who are also a strong part of the English team have always showcased their true Muslim spirits no matter how big the event is. As the World Cup was lifted by Eoin Morgan and Team finally, Rashid and Ali made a quick exit before the champagne celebration started. For those who don’t know, the reason being, alcohol is prohibited in Islam. This action of both the Muslim players was widely praised over the mainstream media and gathered a lot of attention.

See Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali exiting the champagne celebrations and displaying their true Muslim spirits!

For a background check, both the Muslim players Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali have roots from Pakistan and both belong to Pakistan’s Azad and Jammu Kashmir (AJK) area. Their families moved to England in the 60’s era and Rashid and Ali were born in England. Well, social media platform, Twitter was filled with tweets from all over the world appreciating the two outclass cricketers on checking out of the alcoholic celebration. Check out some of the tweets showing respect for the Muslim players.

They sure deserve huge respect!

Masha Allah!

“Don’t tell them we are Muslims, show them we are Muslims!” Just beautiful!

Respect and follow!

Honestly, a proud moment for all Muslims!

This is not the first time that any Muslim cricketer has gotten away from alcohol. South Africa’s batsman Hashim Amla is also a devoted Muslim and has roots from Gujrat, India. Whenever South Africa wins any tournament, Amla is seen parting ways before the alcohol celebrations begin. He even pays penalty on not wearing the kit with any alcohol company’s logo on it.

These talented players are sure making Muslims proud all over the world and displaying their true Muslim spirits. Masha Allah!

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