9 Things That Are More Addictive To Smell Than Your Expensive Perfumes!

Ever noticed how when you are standing in a petrol pump and instantly you are hooked to the smell in the surroundings? Yep, that may sound weird at first, but the smell of petrol is definitely very addictive. In a similar way, there are so many other items we use daily and we love their smell so much.

Nope, these are not the colognes or the perfumes you wear – these are just normal items that smell so good, one might just find themselves addicted to them. The one thing about the smell of these items is that they are extremely underrated and people would hardly talk about how addictive they are.

1. Petrol



They should really make perfumes that smell like petrol…Brb, going to make out with petrol now.

2. Samad Bond

As irritating as the glue is once it gets stuck to your fingers, there is something really addictive about the Samad bond smell. No wonder people use it as saasta naasha. *eyes roll*

3. UHU Glue

Another saasta naasha *eyes roll x 200 times*. I am sure I am not the only one who just applied UHU to her fingers to smell it…

4. Paint

Freshly opened paint cans and painted walls have an extremely strong smell that can literally attract people of all kinds.

5. Books and Their Pages

If you are an avid reader, you will understand the ‘love’ one has for the smell of books more than anything in the world. The pages and the ink on them has a certain type of smell that cannot be defined through the power of words.

5. Photocopied Pages

The Pedalogue

The Pedalogue

Pages and the combination of freshly spread ink? Delicious!!!

6. Mud After Rain

Strange are the people who do not like rain and strangest are those who are not attracted by the smell of mud coated in rain drops. After the lovely splash of rain, the aroma created by mud and rain drops is amazing.

7. Kerosene Oil

Enuff said. Enuff. Just enuff.

8. Freshly Coated Nails With Nail Polish

If you have ever been to a nail salon, you will find the smell of the place more attractive than your favorite restaurant. There’s something really strong when it comes to nail polishes and their aroma.

9. Biryani

Uff ye khusboo!

Whether it be Karachi or Lahore or Islamabad or the UK or the USA, nothing beats the smell of biryani; that too when your mother makes it. Without aalo, that is.

Time to smell these items again and celebrate how beautiful this life is!!!


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