Javeria & Saud In Hot Waters As More Actors Come Forward To Claim Their Dues!

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The Pakistani famous couple Javeria and Saud Qasmi have been facing a lot of hate due to the actors claim put forward by veteran actress Salma Zafar and then Sherry Shah on JJS production. Both actresses have claimed that a lump-sum amount has not been paid by the JJI Production House owned by the couple. Although Javeria has denied any such claims, day-by-day celebrities are gathering to show the real face of this production house and these two stars.

Simultaneously, another actor, Hassan Khan who has worked with Javeria and Saud now claims to have a large amount that is pending by JJS Production. According to him, even his experience while working with Javeria and Saud Qasmi hasn’t been a joyride.

And although, this young actor, mentions that he somehow has managed to sign up for more projects. He shows concern for the ones that are stuck and have not been paid as yet.

In addition, he also shares a message for Javeria and Saud, to let go of someone’s hard-earned money. Not only does he call out the duo for their fraud; rather he mentions that these people are breadwinners of their entire household.

They have to manage families and make a living out of these incomes; hence JJS Production by Javeria and Saud must make sure to pay the actors who claim their money immediately.

Khan also brings to notice that stars like Salma Zafar are talented celebrities and have been in the industry for a long time, they have a name and a position in the industry, hence Javeria and Saud must understand and respect the senior stars and JJS Production by Javeria and Saud must pay for the remnant amount these amazing actors claim.

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He also adds that it surprises him how these two can sleep at night knowing that they owe so much money to people. Even though, when they also are always inviting people to Islam each year in Ramadan. It is indeed saddening and depressing, to say the least. He wishes that both these stars understand the concept of ‘human rights’, especially, the way they have been stated in Islam.

He also hopes that both Javeria and her husband let go of the liable amount that they owe to the actors like Sherry and Zafar real soon.

In the end, nothing can be said as of now, Javeria has negated to the claims put on her by Zafar in the past, we don’t know what might happen next. Let’s just hope that this dust is cleared up by JJS Production and all celebrity actors get their dues they claim paid real soon by Javeria and Saud.


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