‘I Advocate Women’s Right’ – Swara Bhaskar Slams Netizens For Supporting Burqa-Clad Indian student

Among all the Indian celebrities there are few who bravely stand for justice and use their voice for the right cause. Swara Bhaskar is one of the most prominent voices when it comes to standing with the people who desire to have such a strong voice in their favor.

She has been supporting people for a long time and doesn’t care about the media. With the recent incident held in India, where a hijab girl without any hesitation faced the Indian mob and her video went viral.

Source: The News International

Many of the celebrities have raised their voice, but Swara’s style of taking a stand looks different and it legit hit the oppositions badly.

Swara Bhaskar calls out trolls in support of Muskan

Swara Bhaskar from the beginning showcase her support to the Muskan Khan the hijab girl who loudly screamed out of her lungs “Allah O Akbar” in front of the Indian mob without any fear. Because she found herself getting bullied for her choice of dressing.

After Swara’s support, netizens shared her picture with short dresses and started deeming her with the label hypocrite. In which Swara made a great come back, she wrote, “Yes, it’s me looking bomb. Thank you! Thank you for sharing this picture of mine and reminding the world that I am a hottie!”

Bhasker continued, “I advocate women’s right to choose their clothing. You know… ‘Choice’? Never mind, you let it be. You can continue with your failed attempts at slut-shaming.”

After that, many of the others shared tweets about her selection of clothes. Even some used Urdu poetry to target her, but Swara isn’t ready to step down. Bhasker wrote, “Good afternoon, Tweeple! Here is a sample [retweet] salad comprising Sanghis and their total failure to understand the concept of choice; their pathetic slut-shaming and, garnished with a desperate attempt to seem intellectual by quoting Urdu poets. Enjoy!”

Regarding this incident, writer Javed Akhtar also shared his views and raised his voice against such shameful acts. And he shared, ” I have nothing but deep contempt for these mobs of hooligans who are trying to intimidate a small group of girls, and that too unsuccessfully. Is this their idea of ‘manliness’. What a pity.”

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