Actor Shaan Schooled Maryam Aurangzeb for her Heavy Security Protocol And We Totally Feel him!

As a Pakistani, you have definitely experienced the time you had to wait in traffic for hours because of a politician’s security protocol. From police cars to a fire van and to an ambulance, the politicians travel with the speed of light in their bulletproof cars, but the clearance on the roads for their movement takes hours for a local to commute.

For years, people have remained quiet while they suffered hours delay due to security protocol of the politicians traveling by. Of course, they use the money of the citizens to get such heavy security detail, but more than that, their wasted time makes them even more furious.

Filmstar Shaan Finally Couldn’t Contain his Frustration When he Was Denied Entry Due to Maryam Aurangzeb’s Security

Shaan, who has never hidden his feelings always reveals the truth in a blunt manner. In an event aired on PTV, Shaan Shahid went on the stage and shared how badly the celebrities were treated due to the security measures of the politician Maryam Aurangzeb.

He shared how the politicians shouldn’t even be invited to the events because their security measures cause havoc for locals such as himself.

Here’s What Happened:

Well, we are glad someone finally said it, especially right in front of them. And look at Syed Noor appreciating the opinion of the actor there and then.

If more people start trashing the ‘supreme’ political figures on their security protocol, there might come a day when they travel across the country without such heavy measure.

For now, hope this can be adopted by other famous figures as well who are just done with this unbiased distribution of power.

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