‘I Demanded That No One Slap Anyone’ – Iffat Omar Condemns Violence Scenes in Aye Musht-e-Khaak

In the current slot, there’s one drama serial that’s making the headlines and creating chaos among fans. ‘Aye Musht-e-Khaak’ is one of the most controversial in the running dramas, because the day it got aired there have been some serious remarks netizens and viewers have given regarding the drama.

Even fans are getting furious over the drama for portraying such scenes that’s showcasing a bad image in front of everyone. You can expect anger and violence in this drama because “the angry man Feroze Khan” starring in the drama along with Sana Javed.

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Among all the cast, one of the veteran actresses of the Pakistani drama industry Iffat Omar came forward and speak up about the script of this drama. She also shared her experience too.

No one can deny that Aye Musht-e-Khaak showing intense scenes with violent behavior and it now looks like it’s the demand of the script.

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Looking at this, Iffat Omar decided to drop her silent curtain and condemn the violent scenes shown in the drama up till now.

Iffat Omar condemns violent scenes in ‘Aye Musht-e-Khaak’

Iffat Omar is a prominent name in the drama industry, she has done numerous famous drama serials that made her a star today. She said, “I met director Ahsen Talish, who had a clear idea of how my character was meant to be essayed. The scripts that are being offered today; you have to pick your battles.

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Aye Musht-e-Khaak was just that,” she said, adding, “If I don’t like the script, it doesn’t mean that the public wouldn’t like it either. I don’t like many things that are getting popularity, and people really like it.”

Commenting regarding her role, she responded that she only took the role because it was the role of a mother that’s it.

She elaborated, “The reason I agreed to sign this project is that Shakeela has some substance in the show. At this age, you have a responsibility to make sure you agree with what you are doing.

The violence is shown in the Aye Musht-E-Khaak, how aggressive the portrayal of a child is; I condemn such dramas. We should not show these things.”

‘I’m against violence’ – Iffat Omar

Iffet Omar put some real light on the violence shown in the drama without any warning and openly. She said, “Even if you have to show these things, give a warning that it is going wrong. I’m part of the project, but I’m against violence, and I am also ashamed of it.”

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Everyone remembers the particular scene of Aye Musht-e-Khaak’s where the main character Mustajab furiously strangles his ex-girlfriend Shiza (Nimrah Khan) and dragged her into the room with full-on screaming each other.

That’s where viewers raised their voice over social media platforms, Iffat Omar said on this, “There was a scene of slapping at one place during the shooting, so I demanded that no one slap anyone,” said Omar.

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“I think our young actors should also take responsibility for making a statement with our acting, story, and fame.” She went on to add, “I do not agree with anyone who asks me to do anything violent.”

She further added and put some light on her taking fewer projects in the Television industry. “I find most of the scripts annoying. There are rarely any stories written for women of my age.

We aren’t shown onscreen. We are also part of some of the stories that are helping, but we no longer get the main character’s stories. In India, many actors our age are working on projects designed to cater to their age group. In Pakistan, however, we are yet to see such stories.”

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She also went on in praising Feroze Khan’s acting skills. She said, “Although, I am sure Feroze must have the ability to play any role, he has been getting similar roles since his last ten dramas of the similar characters garnered rave reviews. It has become easier now because actors are making money. Those who are earning have more responsibility,” she commented.

‘I don’t get angry’ – Iffat Omar

Being a celebrity has been tough to stay positive in the social media world, Iffet Omar shared that social media trolling has now become a common habit. She said, that she has also faced a lot of criticism over her dress and style.

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But looks like she doesn’t give a damn about them. “My time is gone. I’m just enjoying watching others now. I look at them, and I am happy that it gives them fame and financial benefit. I’m one of those older people who adapt to the times.

I think that’s what keeps me going so far, but it’s not that I don’t get angry at some of the comments,” she said, adding, “When I get livid, I respond on social media. I was called out for putting on red lipstick, dressing however I like.

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I am turning 50 for the first time. I thought I would sit in a corner, but I don’t think so. I am going to stay the same. I am not taking anything from anyone. I am just living my life.”

She straightforwardly said, “If my heart desires, I apply red lipstick. If my heart desires, I wear short clothes. No one is taking anything; this is my life, and no one has the right to disappoint or criticize me. Yeh mera jism hai, yeh meri marzi hai [it’s my body, it’s my right].”

She concluded, “It’s not just about my age, it’s about girls younger than me. In our country, it is believed that a woman grows old, she should live the life of the dead. Honestly, when you are fifty years old, you will know that your heart is still young and the age does not matter. Live and let live. What I am wearing and doing for myself, this is not for anyone’s concern.”

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