Recent Forest Fire Controversy Confuses Actor Humaira Asghar Ali With TikToker Dolly

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A TikToker ruffled the feathers of many after a video went viral on social media last week. Dolly, who boasts millions of followers, faced criticism after posing for a TikTok video by a forest fire, as a devastating heatwave causes widespread misery in the country.

Dolly posted a clip of herself walking playfully in a silver ball gown in front of a burning hillside. “Fire erupts wherever I am,” read the caption. However, in massive confusion, a news agency mistook actor Humaira Asghar Ali for Dolly and ran the story with Ali’s name.

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The actor later clarified her stance on the matter after her name was mentioned in several news stories of several publications, such as Insider, Al Jazeera, and the likes. The error, after being pointed out, has now been rectified in the latter publication.

Ali took to Instagram and issued a statement as well. “Many known local and international social media platforms and news channels have misunderstood and published my name Humaira Asghar in reference to Dolly aka Nousheen Syed, the renowned TikToker’s news about making a forest fire video that ignited anger,” she penned.

“It is to be noted that I, Humaira Asghar Ali, and Dolly, are two different people,” the actor added. “And I have nothing to do with this case nor with Dolly or any related controversy. I humbly request all the media platforms which have misunderstood me with Dolly to fix the mistake.”

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Tiktoker defends herself

To speak up in her own defence, Dolly also took to social media recently and claimed that the fire was not set in the national park area, but instead in an area on the motorway.

Image: Instagram

Sharing a video speaking to a local of the area, Dolly could be seen clad in the same silver dress as the original video with a fire raging in the background. There is a brief glimpse of a billboard stating the location in the first few frames of the video, but the camera movement is too fast to make out what it reads.

The local man explains the reason behind the fire, which he claims to have started himself. He shares that the fire is used to drive snakes out of the vegetation or kill them since they pose a danger to their children and livestock.

The caption of the video reads, “As you can see in this video, the billboard indicated the place which is motorway and not National Park Kohsar. Listen to the person in this video carefully so that you know the reality. I expect justice.”

After the initial video spread like wildfire over social media, Dolly, AKA Nosheen Syed, was charged with the complaint of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) under wildlife and environment protection laws.

Dolly, who previously landed in hot water for promoting fairness products, had collaborated with fashion brand Bling for the video. In it, she was seen walking and posing in front of a forest fire in the background. Following a severe backlash, the videos were removed from Dolly’s social media.

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