‘Ban Fake News’ – Ahmed Ali Butt Supports Ramadan Transmissions & Game Shows

In just a few days, the precious month of Ramadan Mubarak is about to start and people are ready to cherish their days with prayers and fasting. But on the other hand, Ramzan month means a lot of game shows and Ramadan transmission that people love to watch it.

On one side where people love to watch it, others hate it and requested the government to ban all the transmissions. To give the full support, rapper, writer, comedian, and actor Ahmed Ali Butt has always been vocal when it comes to speaking out justice and the right things for the people.

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This time he targeted the Ministry of Religious Affairs which recently proposed complete guidelines for Ramazan game and entertainment shows.

Ahmed Ali Butt put some of his ideas and share his opinion by pointing out some major issues in the country that needs to be fixed rather than banning game shows.

Ahmed Ali Butt takes a stand with the Ramadan transmission & Game Shows

According to Ahmed Ali Butt, they need to focus on some “real problems” instead of banning good quality game shows. He took the whole matter on his Instagram account, where he wrote “Ban the fake news, paid (lefafa) news anchors, ban the propaganda and people who make a mockery of religion on TV.

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Ban the below standard shows that just spread fear and lies,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. Butt went on to assert that quality game shows are a need of the hour in Ramazan. “But we all know that good quality game shows are a much-needed entertainment for the whole family, especially in Ramazan.”

The rapper even tagged Fahad Mustafa, who hosts a Ramazan transmission, to say, “People like Fahad have devoted their all to provide us with quality entertainment. We should be proud of such shows, so focus on the real problems our country is facing and I’m sure you will get passes for the show soon.”

Noor-ul-Haq proposed the whole idea

For those who don’t know from where it all began, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on Sunday personally wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan to ban all Ramadan transmissions.

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“Controversial issues and professional topics to be avoided.” Stating that “Ramazan transmissions should be anchored by religiously well-versed and educated persons.” It went on to maintain that presenters and participants should “follow modesty in their dress code and appearance, to honor the sanctity of the Holy month.”

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He even demanded to ban game and recreational shows to not being aired immediately before or after Sehar or Iftar timings. “Moreover, games should not be a part of religious programs.” The letter also maintained that “Promotion of religious, sectarian harmony and propagation of Islamic teachings should be the prime focus of such transmissions.”

He concluded, “I shall be grateful if the proposed guidelines are pursued and directions may be conveyed to Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to advise all TV channels to follow proposed guidelines in letter and spirit.”

Don’t forget to follow the accurate Ramadan Timings for Suhoor and iftar.

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