According To Indian Media, ISI Pakistan Is Sending Suicide Dogs To India

Our noisy neighbors are up to it again. This time, they have crossed all the barriers of ridiculousness. Indian media just continues to throw dirt on Pakistan in absurd ways.

Indian media loves to spread hoax. They keep spreading hoaxes one after another on national television.

First, they would claim there are spy pigeons sent to India by Pakistan. Then they would claim so-called surgical strikes. The matter goes on, Indian media just loves to make false stories.

It is nothing but lies, lies, and lies that our noisy neighbors love telling! Seriously, now it is getting funny how they continue to pour hoaxes after hoaxes, making stories out of anything against Pakistan.

Why are they so obsessed with us?

So, today, we came across to a news channel in India that claims that Pakistani intelligence, ISI, sends suicide dogs to terrorize India. It is outrageously a ridiculous claim and makes us simply want to feel amused.

Find out how obsessed our noisy neighbors are:



BRB, *laughing*

Hold on, we should probably let you take a moment as well because the video above was as funny as anything.

Seriously, how do they even have proof for this? They just made a false story and chose to lie about it with their own people.

After the pigeon news, there is dog news; Indian media just compels the whole wide world laugh at them!

Indeed, the story being circulated all over local Indian media just shows how considerate and serious these people are in letting their own nation know the truth.

Indian media will continue to spread such absurd, out of place and mind boggling hoaxes and there will be a time when these will no longer be funny at all.

These people will never cease to amaze you. It clearly shows how obsessed and low-life they are. Don’t they have more important news to cover about their own country? Why do they have to sniff around and make crap stories?

Unbelievable news. Breaking all records of stupidity. I am sure many Indians will be suffering a moment of shame over this. Their media has gone out of the way.

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