ACC Accepts PCB’s Hybrid Model Proposal To Host Asia Cup 2023

Finally, ACC accepts the hybrid model proposed by Pakistan Cricket Board for the Asia Cup 2023. Najam Sethi Pakistan Cricket Board chairman’s efforts worked out after long waited months and struggle.

Asian Cricket Council has finally accepted the hybrid model and we will get the chance to witness Pakistan vs India Asia Cup match.

Pakistan Cricket Board Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi addresses a press conference in this undated file photo. — APP
Source: The News International

Najam Sethi a few weeks ago proposed Hybrid Model to keep the Asia Cup 2023 hopes alive. Why hybrid model proposed?

Because BCCI refused to travel to Pakistan due to security and political tension. And to keep Asia Cup 2023 under PCB’s reign, Najam Sethi and PCB members drafted a hybrid model.

At last, ACC accepts a hybrid model and Asia Cup 2023 will be held as per the plan.

ACC Accepts Hybrid Model For Asia Cup 2023

For those who don’t know about the hybrid model, in this model Asia Cup 2023 venues decided, where Pakistan will host four to six matches of the Asia Cup. At the same time, India will play its matches on a neutral venue that also hosts other matches.

ACC accepts Najam Sethi's hybrid model, announcement to be made soon
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The sources confirmed the news that the Asian body has accepted Najam Sethi’s hybrid model plan.

“The ACC has accepted Najam’s Sethi hybrid model proposal to host the Asia Cup allotted to Pakistan. According to this hybrid model, Pakistan will host four to six matches at the venue (within Pakistan) to be decided later while India will play its matches on a neutral venue.”

What prompted BCCI to accept Pakistan's hybrid model for Asia cup - Sports  Aaj English TV
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“The ACC is expected to officially announce the decision within the next few weeks.” According to Sethi’s model, “India’s matches will be played on a neutral venue which will be decided by the ACC member countries with mutual coordination. However, even in deciding on a neutral venue, the financial aspect will be kept at the top.”

Sri Lanka as a Neutral Venue

“Say, India or other ACC member countries want Sri Lanka as a neutral venue, Pakistan as a host country will have the right to get a proper return of Pakistan-India matches (two or three).

Asia Cup 2022: ACC To Decide On Sri Lanka As Tournament Hosts By May End –  Report
Source: Cricket Addictor

These must not be less than what India Board has earned by hosting the 2022 Asia Cup matches between the two countries. The amount is estimated as over half a million dollars from the two countries’ matches.

“If the ACC assures that amount, the PCB will have no hesitation even to agree with Sri Lanka as a neutral venue for the rest of the matches,” the source confirmed.

ACC set to move Asia Cup from Pakistan to Sri Lanka - Indian media -  Cricket -
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The much-awaited response from the ACC, exclusively known to The News, is believed to be shared with all the Boards within the next few days. “However, all the details will be finalized in the ACC meeting to be held shortly,” the source said.

Now people will raise a big question, will Pakistan travel to India for World Cup 2023? As per Najam Sethi’s recent statement, both sides are waiting for the government’s decision.

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