Here Is How Academies And Coaching Centers Are Looting Parents In The Name Of Education

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Development of a nation depends upon its literacy rate. But it is a pitiable scenario that education in Pakistan is turning into a profitable business.

Every day we come across advertisements of academies offering preparatory classes for different board examinations, entrance tests, CSS examination and other kinds of competitive tests. These advertisements guarantee 100% success and usually feature academic qualifications of competent teachers of renowned institutions, adorned with pictures of position holder students; most noticeably with enticing names (unable to mention here despite my utmost desire).

In today’s time, it is a general perception that if students want to make their road to a medical school or an engineering university, then they must join an academy for matric/o-level and F.Sc/A-level exam (the academy should be renowned and expensive).

Poor parents are compelled to pay the heavy fee to rapacious academy owners. I have personally witnessed the teachers who ask their students to study for their MCAT and ECAT preparation. The academies that teach MCAT/ECAT,  mostly charge around Rs.45,000-50,000 and the parents are pretty much convinced to pay this price for the better future of their children. Due to this weakness, these self-seeking owners mercilessly plunder the hard earn money of parents.

Interestingly, another tactic used by these academies is that they offer a special concession and free teachings to bright students. Later, by advertising the name and marks of these students they attract average and below average students and charge heavy fees from them.

Almost all the professors in colleges do part time jobs in these evening institutions. That’s why they do not give due attention to students during lectures because students in Govt. colleges have not paid them a heavy fee. But, the same professors can be seen teaching very passionately in their private institutions just because they are heavily paid for it.

If these honorable teachers claim that they are providing an opportunity to students to clear their concepts, then to their dismay they are also scratching the veneration that a commoner has in his heart for a ‘TEACHER’.

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