Abrar Ul Haq Starts ‘Karachi vs Lahore’ Debate, Twitter Enjoys City War!

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Since yesterday, Abrar ul Haq has been inciting a war between the cities of Lahore and Karachi with the tweet that said: “Lahore Lahore hai, par Karachi di gal vi kuch hor hai”. Karaachites and Lahoris took to twitter with some hilarious responses.

Here’s what people had to say:

Careem, never shying away from controversy, jumped into the conversation with some popcorn in hand.

As the city wars ensued, Abrar released a somewhat unexpected video of himself getting a desi foot massage and laughing away, with a surprise mention of Careem!

Careem added to the surprise with a classic response:

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Lo and behold, just a few hours later, Careem released a teaser for an upcoming collaboration with Abrar ul Haq, where Abrar seems to be exploring Karachi with the Careem team, from visiting Lyari to having nalli biryani. 

The video seems to be showing the diversity of Karachi: the Mini-Pakistan and goes on to depict how even those born and bred in the city have not had a chance to fully explore the place. A melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, from Sindhis to Punjabis, Afghanis to Balochis and everything in between, Karachi is a city which gives you the perfect blend of what it means to be a Pakistani

The teaser has a flavor of the budding wrap scene taking place in the city, with an original soundtrack from “Lyari Underground” that we can see turning into the next anthem for Karachiites.

It’s also a commentary on how Karachi is becoming a safer place for tourism, both from within the country and visitors from abroad. Careem has been exploring Pakistan and promoting tourism in the country with short video series that dive deep into the amazing places major cities in Pakistan, from Peshawar to Lahore, have to offer. We are sure glad they saved the best for last. Our very own, Karachi.

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