Pakistani Footballer Abiha Haider Makes It To 30 Most Powerful Muslim Women In Sports

Women in Pakistan are truly barring all odds as they overcome the patriarchal barriers and soar up high with their success. From bold acting to extraordinary qualifications. Women of Pakistan are making the whole nation proud of their immaculate skillset and confidence, bravery, and hard work.

Abiha Haider wins ’30 Most Powerful Muslim Women in Sports’

In addition, today we woke up to great inspiring news, as Abiha Haider, the young Pakistani football player just bagged another achievement and we are oh-so proud. The young footballer is known for an immaculate and inspiring performance. In fact, this isn’t the first time, she has outdone herself. Abiha Haider is participating and representing Pakistan since 2010. Moreover, this young athlete is winning a series of international and national accolades for her outstanding performance and making Pakistan proud.

Now, Abiha Haider has managed to bag a rather prestigious award, by becoming, one of the ’30 Most Powerful Muslim Women in Sports’.  Some of her most promising and well-known accomplishments include two Guinness world record for playing the longest football match, up to seventy hours.

The wondrous journey of Abiha Haider in sports

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Source: Instagram

Abiha Haider has also managed to start off as quite an influential person since she was just 14 years old. She was invited to a Sports United Exchange program.

During her interview with a newspaper, she spoke on her love for sports by saying:

‘Sports are full of positive energy. It gives you a chance to know your inner abilities, to develop yourself, and to develop your character, it gives you the confidence which goes unbreakable throughout life.’

And we are in awe. Not only does she love to participate in sports, but her message to all her followers and friends is also; to never give up on one’s talent and always keep moving forward.


‘Never let your talent die because of the opinion of people. I have never done that. I have worked tirelessly; changed the opinions of people through my personality, my character, my ambition and now the same people hold their pride in me.’

Wow! If this isn’t inspiring, we don’t know what is. Not only is the moment for many girls and boys to seek wisdom and motivation from, rather it allows us to see the beauty of hard work and sheer effort also.

Not only are we proud of this young and influential gem, rather we wish her all the very best for her future endeavors. May she reach for the stars and make Pakistan even more proud. We adore you, Abiha Haider, and we wish you a lot more success and prosperity in the future to come.

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