Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter Releases a Video To Support the Statements Made by her Father!

With the elections of our country coming nearer by day, the politics are becoming dirtier. The political parties and their leaders continue bashing one another, merely on politics, but more on the personal decisions and representations they hold.

A Few Days Ago, Abid Sher Ali of PMLN Ridiculed his Fellow Parliamentarian and PTI’s Party Member Shireen Mazari

In a video that surfaced all over the internet, Abid Sher Ali used disrespectful terms regarding Shireen Mazari and also made sexual innuendos in Punjabi.

Here’s the video where Abid Sher Ali mocked Shireen Mazari

The Social Media Urged PMLN Leaders Such as Maryam Nawaz to Speak Up on This Matter

Pakistanis wanted to hear an apology from Abid Sher Ali and from Rana Sanaullah, another PMLN leader who mocked women attendees of the PTI jalsa.

While this fiasco was trending all over the social media, an old video of Abid Sher Ali’s daughter resurfaced.

In An Interview with Aik Din Geo K Sath, Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter Said Something In Innocence, but Pakistanis Though Otherwise

The host asked Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter about the best habit of her father and her answer was, “Kuch nahi.”

Here’s the video:

While this video is pretty old, Abid Sher Ali’s daughter comes out again as a grown-up, mature girl who defends her father and the statements he made regarding Shireen Mazari.

In a video she recorded recently and released on social media, Abid Sher Ali’s daughter claims the video of her father is a “social media controversy”. She also points out that if women want to be respected, they have to earn it.

On the other hand, she says that her father has never disrespected any women his entire life and calls him “a man of honor”.

Here’s the Obnoxious Video Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter Recorded:

And This Rightly Sums Up the Reaction After You See the Video

There wasn’t any social media controversy – Abid Sher Ali uttered those disgusting words on camera, among hundreds of men – he said what he said and he needs to own it rather than his daughter coming out and sharing her “views” which are equally obnoxious.

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