Abid Sher Ali Is On The List Of "Sexiest" Politicians And "Log Sharminda Hogaye"

Abid Sher Ali Is On The List Of “Sexiest” Politicians And “Log Sharminda Hogaye”

Abid Sher Ali the famous politician of PML-N who’s also the member of National Assembly; recently he was in the list that made MANY cringe with pain. The daily times, took their precious time to write about the list of “Good-Looking” politicians and said “Khoobsurat Alfaz” in their favor! Bilawal Bhutto and Jibran Nasir are on the list too! 😀

Abid Sher Ali was in the list, and it was not shocking to see him on the list but what was written underneath.

Ali Gul Pir had his fun time trolling him with Abid’s pool picture, which everyone on the internet enjoyyyed!

No, no that’s not the real list! This happens when you are a die-hard nihari fan. You see Altaf Hussain in every picture!

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This is the reality! That’s what happened, according to the newspaper he makes women weak in knees. Okay. Wow!

I call dibs on Abid Sher Ali! The priority of journalism! Kya baat hai. Making women go weak in the knees, isn’t really what their JD entails. Looks are better than books, Miss Honey!

Posted by Ayesha Khan on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Mammoths vs Abid Sher!? Bad boy very bad!

*shadeed cringe*

Make women weak in knees out of cringe

From Abid Sher Ali to Mr.India! Not a bad idea

Trimmer. Ek ya do? Acha, sorry! 😀

*Dances in the pool naked*

Was there any specific reason why they kept Abid in the last of the list?! People said it was a paid content! Oh, well. The Daily Times tried to act a mother who says of her “less-beautiful” kid “haye mera chand sa munna” and he himself questions his non-existent beauty. Haha 😀

Nobody dared raise any question on the other people on the internet, but him! That’s sad, he too likes to be called “Good-looking” “sexy” and not like a “Bear” or “Anil Kapoor” for that matter.

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