Pakistan’s Former UN Ambassador Shares A New Coronavirus Conspiracy

Abdullah Haroon COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan, several conspiracies have already been circulating about it. While there are just theories that support ideas like the virus is a human-built biological weapon, others call it a natural disaster.

However, Abdullah Haroon, former foreign minister and United Nations (UN) ambassador for Pakistan, has now shared another astonishing conspiracy about COVID-19.

Jaw-dropping details about the origin of coronavirus

Abdullah Hussain Haroon believes that coronavirus is a US-made disease aimed at China to prevent it from progressing any further. He shared the details in a video clip that is being widely circulated on social media.

?? *اقوام متحدہ میں 10 سال سے زیادہ عرصہ پاکستان کے سفیر رہنے والے، محترم جناب عبداللہ ہارون صاحب نے، اپنی جان کی پرواہ نہ کرتے، ہوئے، کرونا وائرس کی اصلیت سے پردہ اٹھا دیا ہے۔۔۔۔* ?? *اب تو کچھ سمجھ جائیں*

Gepostet von Sargodha Online am Freitag, 27. März 2020

According to him, the virus is not natural and was created in a laboratory.

”The virus was created as a step up to chemical warfare allegedly waged by the United States in Syria. The aim was to create a disease that would spark panic and fear among the people of the world”, Haroon said in the video. Moreover, he asserted that a patent for coronavirus was also obtained by a US company fourteen years back.

”The patent for the virus was obtained by an American company Chiron from the US government in 2006. The second aspect of this is that in 2014, they sought a patent in Europe for its vaccine. The patent would have been granted in a few years, but it wasn’t granted till November 2019”, he added.

Israel has a vaccine for coronavirus

As per the former UN ambassador, when this was happening, Israel was simultaneously busy in creating a vaccine for the obtained patent at that time.

He said, ”Israel has said it would share its patent only with those countries that recognize it as a country. The reason behind creating the virus was that the US, for many years has been in worry about China getting ahead and was constantly trying to stop it but couldn’t, until now.”

Abdullah Haroon COVID-19

The Times of Israel

With specific facts, Haroon further revealed that the creation of COVID-19 took place later in the United Kingdom (UK). 

”A lab in the UK made the coronavirus whose registry was in the US. From there it went to a lab in Wuhan via Air Canada. The lab in the UK was sponsored by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation while the John Hopkins and the Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US had made preparations to dispatch the virus to Wuhan.”

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s involvement

Concluding his revelations, the ambassador continued in the video, ”A computer simulation also ran regarding this in 2019. The money for this was given by the Gates foundation and even the World Economic Forum gave monetary help to make this virus”.

Abdullah Haroon COVID-19

Instant Pakistan News

As new conspiracies and theories regarding coronavirus keep emerging from time to time, amid the virus crisis, Haroon also gave no evidence to prove his revelations.

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