Ex-Pakistani HC Abdul Basit Mistook Adult Film Star Johnny Sins For A Kashmiri And Hadh Hogayi!

Under the diplomatic alliances of any country, the officials associated, play a pivotal role in presenting their country on the international forum. As a human being and not being aware of the filth, the world is surrounded by, sometimes lack of awareness can also create issues. Well, the point is that recently, former Pakistani High Commissioner unintentionally provided a reason for India to laugh on while India itself is a laughing stock for the world.

Ex-Pakistani High Commissioner to India mistakenly retweeted a picture of a pornstar taking him as a Kashmiri pellet gun victim!

As everyday, Pakistan is filled with hilarious news from the other side of the border, today, one of Pakistan’s diplomat unknowingly took the wrong stance for Kashmir. Among the ongoing Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), pictures of affected families circulate social media on a daily basis. Likewise, former Pakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit mistook the picture of Johnny Sins, a ‘pornstar’ with a pellet gun victim of Kashmir and everyone was in a sheer guffaw.

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These days, posting a picture of some unusual event with a serious caption is serving the internet pretty well. The similar thing took place on Twitter and former Pakistani HC Abdul Basit took it to be true. A Twitter user posted a picture of a scene from a porn movie with the caption “Yousuf from Ananthnag,,,lost vision due from pellet…pls raise your voice.” and Basit retweeted it on his official Twitter handle.

This was the retweet that spread all the fuss on the internet!


After his weird retweet, the digital world became a laughing hysteria and as the Ex-Pakistani HC got to know about it, the retweet was then undone. Well, after the retweet was undone, everyone thought that it all ended here but it didn’t. Later, the adult film star quoted and replied to a tweet of a porn site handle with humor which was made regarding the Pakistani High Commissioner’s ‘silly mistake’.

Congratulating Abdul Basit on gaining new followers, Johnny Sins even confirmed him that ‘his vision is fine’. LOL!

Earlier this year, a similar mistake was made by a Pakistani politician Khuram Gandapur who posted a GTA V clip mistaking it for real life. That time too, India was in extreme joy trying to critically target Pakistan but as always ended up being attacked by Pakistani humor.

Well, after making an honest mistake, Abdul Basit instantly corrected it by deleting the retweet. About the Indians, now they ware served with a topic that will help them to cover their upcoming blunders. While, Pakistan has unlimited reasons to make fun of its neighbor, not giving India any would have been unjust. Does India downing its own fighter jet count?

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