Abbott Unveils Portable Device That Detects Coronavirus In Five Minutes

abbott coronavirus

World’s Finest Medical Device Companies, Abbott Laboratories has now unveiled a portable device that can detect coronavirus in any patient, under a time frame of only five minutes.

Vice President of Research and Development, John Frels has claimed that the device can supply 50,000 tests, per day. The good news is that after April 1, Abbott laboratories will bring their latest device into action globally.

Functionality Of Abbott’s Device

According to Frels, the device looks for fragments of the COVID-19 genome during the molecular test. This procedure, likewise, requires only five minutes at high levels. During complicated situations, the search may take up to 13 minutes for prognosis.

Nevertheless, the procedure involves the doctor taking a sample of mucus from the nose or back of the throat. Following, the swab is mixed with a chemical solution, which breaks the virus and releases Ribonucleic acid (RNA). The components of the mixture then go into an ID Now system, the state-of-art technology, responsible for identifying and amplifying select sequences of the coronavirus genome.

abbott coronavirus

Source: bloomberg

Abbott claims that their technology can additionally detect influenza, strep throat, and respiratory syncytial virus, a common bug that causes cold-like symptoms. With already 18,000 units spread across America, the company has promulgated an agreement with Trump’s administration to distribute the first cartridges to where the need is most. Currently, the company’s utmost agenda is to target hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent-care clinics, and doctors’ offices.

America, the new epicenter of coronavirus

Owing to the health statistics, the United States currently houses the most COVID-19 patients in the world after China. Within this week, the outbreak has crossed a grim number of 10,000, and nearly 1,000 deaths.

abbott coronavirus

Source: thenational

Ever since the US’s coronavirus toll increased drastically, hospitals in New York, California, Washington, have run out of testing kits. The doctors are now strictly testing those people, who have high-risk of infection.

In such a situation, where the world’s leading commercial-testing companies have run out of diagnostics, Abbott proclaims that their latest invention will prove to be fruitful.

“This is really going to provide a tremendous opportunity for front-line caregivers, those having to diagnose a lot of infections, to close the gap with our testing. A clinic will be able to turn that result around quickly, while the patient is waiting,” says Frels.

Apart from Abbott’s device, there have been many other inventions worldwide to handle the COVID-19 global pandemic.


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