A Woman Abandoned By Her In-laws Has Set Up Her Own Dhaba In Lahore Which Is Really Inspiring

Every person in their life is liable to face certain struggles and calamities that buckle their knees. This is almost inevitable for every person’s life. However, everyone’s struggles can vary in its form but one thing is pretty certain about every catastrophe that surrounds us: every problem is a test and a life-changing experience. The more people realize this, the better it gets in coping up with the struggle. Today, we have a story of a woman in Lahore who did not let her circumstances take her down, instead, she chose to reach out every possibility to survive and make her ends meet.

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Women in our society continue to face a number of things. They are oppressed, denied with their basic rights of life and what not! We continue to come across instances after instances where the women are let down by our very own society. Our token in making a difference is still limited and a lot has to be worked on if we need to see ourselves as a better and tolerant society, one day. But there are certain cases where women have not absorbed or bowed down to the oppression. They have used it for their own empowerment and have come forward to be exemplary for our society.


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She comes from a background where it is not normal for a woman to go out in public and earn a livelihood. She is surrounded by a society that would judge her for every step she takes on her own for her well-being. However, Samina Bibi believes her responsibility is in her own hands and is making quite a difference in her life. Her set-up is not the best out there, but it is enough to let her survive and earn a standard of respect and our admiration.

She is a mother of 3 children and was left out on her own by her in-laws. She is based in the town of Sabzazar, on the main road of Liaquat Chowk in Lahore. She serves tea, biscuits, and juices. But that is of little importance because of the primary detail here we cherish on is that she has taken such a commendable initiative and has brought such a great example.

What a character, Samina Bibi has! Our sincerest wishes to her in this endeavor.

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