Painful Pictures Of Abandoned Baby Show The Need For Contraception And Child-Planning In Pakistan


Every now and then, you come across something so heartwrenching on social media that it makes you question humanity. Children, loved by all, are referred to as the apples of their parents’ eyes. In some cases, the tendencies differ.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Another set of pictures went viral on social media of an abandoned baby in Karachi. If you have any sense of humanity in you, you’re bound to feel the pain that comes with the pictures.


Somebody posted the pictures on Facebook with a message along that said: “Around 2.30 am. I was sitting with my friends in block 5, Gulistan e Jauhar. Suddenly strange noises were heard and we heard dogs barking. When we reached the point, I don’t have words to explain the situation. Someone threw away a day old baby girl and she was crying with wounds on her body. We called CHHIPA (the ambulance service). They took her to the JPGMC child ward. We verified the location and just returned home. They said that the baby’s condition was very critical. I want you all to pray for her life.  I will visit her tomorrow Inshallah.  Anyone interested in doing anything for her can contact CHHIPA.
May that ****** rot in hell who did this.”

These pictures speak volumes about the need for contraception and child-planning in Pakistan. Kids, who are unwanted by parents for one reason or the other, suffer the same fate across the country. This is not the first time pictures of an abandoned baby have appeared on social media.


All across the country, there are hundreds of Sabz-Sitara clinics that offer the right means of contraception and a peculiar sense of family planning that can help evade instances like these. Every life counts as much as that of this little baby girl. People now really need to realise that using contraception cannot be a bigger sin than what happened with this child.

In times like these, we should thank God for all that we have and pray that he never brings such a time on us that we even think about the same thing these people do, in whatever circumstances. No possible explanation can help lessen the atrocious aspect of such an act.

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