Aamir Sohail Levels Shocking Criticism on Sarfraz Ahmed and Pakistanis Are Not Happy!

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has been an enthralling tournament so far. We saw cricket giants competing against each other in a tournament that has had many ups and downs and indeed shocking moments so far. Talk about the run of Team Pakistan, it’s the first team to reach the final on Sunday. Our national side did not have it comfortably at all. It was a bumpy ride, we saw our young lads performing at their very best and the road to glory just requires one step, the most major one indeed. Now we face India on Sunday and it’s going to be lit!

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We have a team of young boys who lack quite experience. Yet our captain, Sarfraz Ahmed’s brilliance combined with great match performances has been integral in our run so far. Safe to say, our team has joined all efforts to reach the final. Credit is due to all levels and you simply cannot hand any other reason for our success in the tournament so far? But an expert dismisses this claim. He thinks Pakistan’s success did not come at the hands of our captain’s brilliance or the lads’ efforts. Aamir Sohail, who has been a great player of his time and now a sports pundit has lashed harsh claims over Sarfraz Ahmed and Pakistan’s success.

This is what Aamir Sohail claimed about Sarfraz and team Pakistan the other day

Aamir Sohail’s claims are shocking indeed. He passed a controversial statement in a live TV program and ever since, he has caught the attention of news. Some people claim that he is hinting towards match fixing to be the ultimate reason behind Pakistan’s success. If true, it’s very disappointing; no way he has any right to accuse our players like that.

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Pakistanis are simply not having it at all…


However, the story follows a twist…

Aamir Sohail thinks people are taking him out of context. He alleges that his statement was twisted and he meant something different. Alright, he might not have really claimed “match fixing” as the reason behind our success, yet he charged his harsh criticism on Sarfraz Ahmed.

Here is Aamir himself reflecting upon the entire chaos surrounding him…


What do you guys think about Aamir Sohail’s comments? Did he really alleged team Pakistan and Sarfraz of match fixing? How do you find his comments particularly on Sarfraz Ahmed? Share your opinion.

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