Aamir Liaquat apologized to Sherry Rehman for his sexism but Twitter is still Furious

Aamir Liaquat is no stranger to most Pakistanis. He made a name for himself by hosting dozens of TV shows, both religious and otherwise. He also had his name spread by other, more controversial, means.

But that’s something else. This controversy was about a horribly sexist and disgusting tweet that he posted in reference to Sherry Rehman.

Aamir Liaquat deleted the Tweet a few minutes after posting it but you can clearly see the type of post it was. Disgusting, sexist, and misogynistic. And this man is a Member of the National Assembly now.

Twitter did not waste a second in picking up on his terrible actions. Sherry Rehman herself replied to the post, criticizing Liaquat for his crass and tasteless humor.

This response is what made Aamir Liaquat delete his Tweet and post an apology.

But people didn’t accept his apology for a second. Was there no other way to criticize the MMA other than being disgusting and sexist? When politicians do these things, it makes the rest of the nation inclined to follow them. Why would someone post this and propagate a patriarchal and misogynistic mindset?

But of course, Aamir Liaquat kept trying to justify it in the exact same way.

What does MMA calling Imran Khan “a yahoodi” have to do with Sherry Rehman? And why did he make that disgusting remark about her while criticizing the MMA? It literally makes no sense and people can see through it.

What use is an apology if you still don’t learn your lesson?

Honestly, I don’t know. But if he keeps up his current behaviour, I wish PTI hadn’t chosen him to run in the elections. We have enough misogyny going on already to allow people like him to do the same.

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