Aamir Liaquat Takes A Dig At PM Imran’s Relief Package Plan

aamir liaquat imran khan

The politician-cum-religious scholar Aamir Liaquat loves to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. A new video has recently surfaced in which he is seen mocking Prime Minister Imran Khan’s relief package for the daily wagers.

And, we are not surprised.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday announced a hefty relief package aimed at providing financial support to the different sectors in the country affected by the economic slowdown unleashed by the coronavirus (COVID-19). He has also approved Rs 3,000 each for 7 million daily wagers in the country who are unable to find work due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Liaquat, who is also a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, thinks the sum is not enough.

Liaquat is seen in the viral video taking a sarcastic dig at PM’s effort while in a conversation with celebrity couple Hira and Mani.

“Amid the current coronavirus crisis, many celebrities have been donating generously to the people in need,” he said and criticized the PM in his usual style.

“The prime minister has announced Rs 3000 for daily wagers, it is such a big amount that they can also help others as well. They should keep it safe it will bring good fortune and prosperity for them,” he said.


PM, celebs doing their part, what Liaquat is doing?

Celebrities in the country have been very active and vocal about staying safe from coronavirus and practising social distancing. Many have taken to social media to ask fans to be responsible citizens. Some including Maya Ali, Hira Mani, Feroze Khan, model Anoushey Ashraf, and designer Nomi Ansari are also providing ration bags to the underprivileged.



At a time, when Prime Minister Imran Khan’s only concern for not putting the country under lockdown is how the poor will survive, Liaquat’s unnecessary rant over his policies is certainly unfair.

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