Here's How Actor Aagha Ali Reacted To Sarah-Falak Wedding

Here’s How Actor Aagha Ali Reacted To Sarah-Falak Wedding

agha ali sarah khan wedding

Agha Ali and Sarah Khan were known to be the ‘famous couple’ of the Pakistani entertainment industry. However, let’s be honest, the minute of their breakup went viral it many hearts. Despite the breakup, it seems both the celebrities have let bygones be bygones and moved on from their relationship.

Recently, we saw how Agha Ali got hitched to Hina Altaf, in an intimate gathering during lockdown. Not only were the netizens unforgiving, they also kept calling out Agha Ali for breaking Sarah’s heart. A few months down, and we get to see another celebrity wedding and this time finally the bride to be is Sarah Khan herself!

agha ali sarah khan wedding

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agha ali sarah khan wedding

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Sarah finally said yes to singer Falak Shabbir and again the netizens can’t get over it. However, the story has an even more adorable plot twist, as Ali just commented regarding Sarah’s marriage.

Agha Ali comments on Sarah Khan’s wedding

Ali previously was facing a lot of criticism regarding his decision of marrying Hina Altaf instead of Sarah [we guess its the Sadaf Kanwal & Shehroz Sabwari fever that is making the public tad bit anxious and less trustworthy with their favorite stars]. Regardless of that matter, Ali might have just restored our faith in goodness, with his generous response on the matter.

He wrote:

agha ali sarah khan wedding

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Wow! If any of the fans were looking for closure, this message surely makes it clear. There is a difference between mutual breakups and cheating. And Agha Ali surely made sure to prove that he really is a gentleman.

However, what has left us totally mesmerized is how ALLAH truly plans the best for HIS people. A little while back, Sarah, Ali and Falak Shabir were on a morning show where they discussed their love life. And look at it now, it just blows our mind away at how things went for them.


We wish both the couple a happy marital life. And lots of blessings to the new couple Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir, as they embark on this beautiful journey together.


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