Actor Aagha Ali Apologizes For Making Insensitive Comments About Pashtuns In Viral Video

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Racism is something that is frowned upon, no matter from where ever you belong. All over the world, the practice of racism is seen as highly disrespectful and unethical. So it was no surprise that Pakistanis got completely outraged with actor Aagha Ali for making an insensitive and racist joke. That too about the Pashtun community.

While being invited on a morning show some years back, the star made fun of his co-star Neelum Muneer, who belongs to the Pashtun community. And people did not like it one bit. Here is why things escalated quickly for Ali:

From calling Ali racist, insensitive to whatnot, he became the topmost trending on Twitter.

Aagha Ali apologizes for racist joke

From the continuous banter and the top trending hashtag, #AaghaAliMafiMango, perhaps, Ali was pressured, or maybe he realized his mistake finally decided to clear the air. Or did he?

Taking to Twitter last night, the star tweeted an apology, which seems more like an extended clarification of how his joke is not offensive, and oh dear!

He took the time to respond to the trolls and also apologize for his insensitive comment. Although he has now apologized he mentions that since, his co-star Muneer, was fine with it, he didn’t see anything wrong it.

And is it just us, or that sounds a tad bit bizarre? In addition to his previous tweet, Ali added.

When will making fun of the Pashtuns come to an end?

This isn’t the first time, Pashtuns are being accounted for or made fun off. In fact, the notion to make fun of the community is one of the most common norms of Pakistani society. May it be a joke between friends, a business gala, or comedy show, making fun of Pashtuns is common. We wonder when will the concept of racism end in Pakistan?

Simultaneously, we are still unsure whether to let Ali off the hook for his racist comment or not? While many are somehow forgiving him, there are still many who think his stance was not correct.

While many of his fans think that since Ali has apologized for his racist joke, somewhat, things must turn back to normal; there are still some who suggest, that instead of tweeting about it, he must address his trolls by making a small video.

All in all, we wish Ali the best of luck and hope to God that he doesn’t make any more mistakes. Truth be told, the Pakistanis still hadn’t overcome, what he made Hina Altaf promise before they tied the knot recently.


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