“I Was Molested As A Child By My Own Cousin And It Ruined My Life Forever”

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I am now an 18 year old but when I was about 10, something happened to me which should not have happened at all. One day, I went to my mamu’s home to stay over. While I was playing with my cousins that night, one of my cousins asked me to come out of the room. He offered me some sweets and chocolates, so I went. But he took me to the darkest corner of his house and he came behind me and started rubbing his body against mine.

I said, “what are you doing, bhai?” He said, “you will enjoy it.” He started touching me everywhere. I said leave me but he continued. I was a kid at that time, he threatened me not to tell anyone and I listened to him. HE told me that if I tell anyone about it, he is going to beat me very hard.

Later, whenever I went to his house, he did the same. It continued for years and I reached puberty. After that when I went to his home and approached me again with his vicious intentions, I felt very different this time. I really didn’t like it! I felt awful. It wasn’t just him now, his two brothers also joined him. I became really depressed and I had no idea how to stay away from them.


Source: UT News

I am 18 now but still, whenever I visit his house, he physically abuses me and I can’t stop him and his brothers because he has threatened me that if I tell anyone, I have to face its consequences. I can’t tell anyone about this. I am still waiting for someone who can let me out from this situation. I am waiting for Allah’s help.

As a result of all of this, I’m still immature. I have lost my confidence. I can’t talk to anyone. I can’t even think about myself. My cousin and his brother have ruined me and my thoughts. I want to get out of this traumatic situation but I am unable to do so.

I would suggest every parent to carefully watch their children’s activities. It is very important to talk to them about these things that prevail in our society at a very early age.

I also request you to pray for me because I really need to get rid of this situation.

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