A Tribute To The King Of Qawwali – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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“Kissay da yaar na vichray”

It’s been twenty years since one of our legends, our national hero, unarguably the greatest qawwal from Pakistan, the Shahenshah-e-Qawwali passed away. His voice was otherworldly. All these years, his mystical songs transfixed millions. His vocal range, a talent for improvisation and sheer intensity are unsurpassed.

From ‘Allah Hu’ to ‘Gorakh dhanda’. From ‘Is karam Ka karoon shukar kaisay ada’ to ‘Kamli walay Muhammad’.  From ‘Yaad-e-Nabi Ka Gulshan’ to ‘Dayaar e Madina’.  From ‘Ali Maula Ali Maula’ to ‘Ya Hussain Ya Hussain’. From ‘Aastaan hai kis Shah-e-Zeeshan ka’ to ‘Khwaja-e-Khaajgaan’. From ‘Aaj Rung hai’ to ‘Chap Tilak’. From ‘Nami

Source: Dunya News

From ‘Nami danam’ to ‘Aj sik mitran di’. From ‘Dama dam mast qalandar’ to ‘Meray rashk-e- qamar’. From ‘Sanu ik pal chayn’ to the famous ‘Aafreen Aafreen’ and many others his voice and music truly transcended all boundaries and borders and effectively ruled millions of hearts worldwide.

May the Maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s soul rest in peace.

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