A Thread Of Hilarious NFAK Jokes by a Pakistani Twitterati

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a legend as we all know was a source of fits of laughter when a Pakistani Twitterati, Qasim Farooq made a thread of NFAK pictures with hilarious captions that could be related to the picture. But yes, no disrespect intended, this was all in good humor. As we are great fans of NFAK ourselves.

So here we go!

When Nusrat was in school he was a bright student.

In Nusrat’s own words, “Baat kyun aisi tum poochtay ho jo batanay k qaabil nahi hai?”

Seriously, crush? Why can’t you see the truth?

When your crush gets too friendly with someone and that someone is..not you??

Yup we all have that face, can’t deny that.

NFAK went through the same shit what every desi kid went through. 

Yup we all do this too when our moms blame us for something we haven’t done.

Remember when we were kids and asked our mom to bring something for us?

But she never did? There there NFAK, we know that feel, bro.


When your teacher scolds you

So this how Nusrat made us laugh, after making us cry with his heart touching qawwalis and ghazals.

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