A Relative of this Newlywed Couple Gave them the Gift of Their “Lifetime”!

The month of Ramazan gave a pause to the crazy wedding season. Almost all of the celebrities, khalas, phuphos, cousin, taayas and best friends got married. Seems like everyone on the earth decided to marry this year and now no one is left single! Except for the cursed loners. LOL. From Feroze Khan to Prince Harry, everyone married off and we couldn’t help but drool over the wedding footages. From the most simplistic to royal ones, the last 5 months have shown people every type of wedding.

In a very typical fat Pakistani wedding, people go crazy on spending money from lavish wedding cards to the best designer wear. From a unique entrance at a mehndi to the grand wedding stage, people do it all. But when the time comes for the honeymoon, people get skeptical. Sometimes couples try to save the salami/munh dikhai to plan a trip to someplace nice and cozy. But we came across this couple that got the most unexpected gift of all time! On the very wedding day, this couple received a big ass boarding pass to Dubai by a relative!!!

Yes, by a relative!! OMG!


Wouldn’t this be the best gift of all times? Like on the wedding day, you plan a beautiful travel with your partner?! People need to spend a bit more on the honeymoon as well. It has to be a wedding priority since after all the wedding work and procession, the newlywed gets tired and don’t get to enjoy the time together.

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Who needs other people around when you have your mehboob infront of you? Let the couple have some good time, some time off of their busy routine into the beautiful mountains.

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Thank us later. Cheers. 😉

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