A Reinvention Become Viral: A Tribute To Pervaiz Mehdi And Reshma

A Reinvention Become Viral: A Tribute To Pervaiz Mehdi And Resahma By These Guys Will Leave You Mesmerise!

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Rock band Inteha from Lahore recently went on hiatus as its members, brothers Naukhez and Nausher Javed have proceeded to try their hands on giving tribute to the legends in a Rock way.

The duo, vocalist Naukhez aka NJ and the guitarist Nausher has come forth in Pakistan with Ewan-e-Inteha. A web series of Reinventions of the Hits sung by the Legends of the Sub-Continent and Inteha’s original.

The first episode of this series is a rendition of Main Jana Pardes, the Reshma Ji & Pervez Mehdi Sahib classic.

The rearrangement is haunting, sensitive and the spare instrumentation grooves effectively and touchingly. guitar licks by Nausher and ethnic percussions keep the song and melody effectively anchored in the traditional genre. In Main Jana Pardes, Inteha strikes the perfect balance. Moreover, NJ’s vocal performance is effective.

He easily taps into the desperation in the lyric and conveys the same with great conviction in his performance and, dare one say, soulfully. The accompanying video too is mature and quite eye-catching complementary to the song started with the golden era of PTV glimpse of Reshma Ji and Pervaiz Mehdi Ji singing and the transition took place into ewan e inteha!

For someone used to being in the background of music videos with Inteha, Nausher certainly holds his own as a Director too. With strong production values and eye-catching glimpses, the video has all the possibilities to go viral and is already generating a net buzz.

Nausher when contacted just said that this is the start of the series. Ewan-e-Inteha is a tribute project to the legends of music especially Pakistani music, in which Inteha will be covering several more songs from the older tradition of Pakistan pop and ethnic folk. Along with their originals In this Inteha boys would give the songs their personalized, contemporary production touch. Inteha is presently in the process of covering Aitebar by Junaid Jamshed and Zubaida Khanum’s Asaan Jan Kay Meet Li Akh Wai.

All of this is something quite interesting and worth looking forward to in our moribund local music scene. Given that Nausher is one of the more melodically gifted composers in Lahore & NJ a Vocal Prodigy, one now looks forward to the band’s further covers and originals and perhaps something a little bit edgier next time.

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