[POEM] – A Poem For a Dear Friend

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I hope to write what is in my heart,
For I am the painter and you are my art,
I am weak and only words I can give,
With a prayer that you always happily live,
In this month of September,
Came my life’s greatest member,
I hope this fool (me) you always remember,
A smile castes as soon as I hear you name,
For me you are a celebrity full of fame,
I wish you see the care behind this poem, And I’m sorry if it sounds oh so lame,
You gave me confidence to be myself,
To be creative not just hide behind a shelf,

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You are my beautiful friend,
And I pray our bond never sees an end,
In your company I have a a wonderful time,
We’d be in jail if looking good was a crime,
You are pretty and don’t need any beauty cream,
For your face is a teenagers dream,
Became so close in such less time it’s hard to believe,
I pray that your side I never leave,

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I want you to know what you are amazing,
I hope our candle of love is always blazing,
Our bond grew steadily it was never a race,
You always helped me and were full of grace,
I guess it’s time to say my farewell,
I hope you like my poem because I really can’t tell,
For these are just words that I use to express,
I know you will amazing in your birthday dress,
I hope your special day goes very well,
Our friendship is a tree which started as a stem,
So happy I am now because I befriended this gem,
I hope we reach the stars and touch the sky,
For our bond was meant to increase and fly,
To help, protect and guide you I will always try,
I pray you always smile and never cry,
With lots of love and prayers i’m sorry but it’s time to say goodbye
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