This Guy Shares How He Went From Film Addiction To Book Reading

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The popular belief is that book reading is way better than movies. Books allow you to feel the sufferings and joys of the characters or events.

Book reading just might be a very simple hobby that’s adopted by the extraordinary intellectual people. The people that are experts in managing their patience and curiosity can easily adopt this hobby with an open heart. During this world of technology, people usually prefer to watch movies and television shows for entertainment purposes in their free time.

Not only teenagers and youngsters but also the middle-aged like to watch TV more than other available options. They preferably spend most of their days sitting on a couch, holding the remote and watching various TV shows. They are doing this without knowing the incontrovertible fact that it badly affects their mental and physical health. Sitting on a couch for 3-4 hours in a row without doing any physical activity produces the matter of additional fat within the body.

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An unavoidable fact is it reduces the productivity of the mind, too. You can’t consider something creative and merchandise if you’re using up most of your time sitting on the couch in front of a flat-screen.

Reach for the books, rather than the remote.

Yes, book reading is way better and definitely a productive and active task one should try to learn. Literature is something that permits the reader to utilize his/her own imagination. It allows us to reinforce our ability to believe something, to create new ideas, new strategies. Moreover, it’s a phenomenon that the mind needs exercise in order to function accurately therefore the choice is yours. As the saying goes, “use it or lose it.”

The countries that read most books, according to different institutions’ assessment results are Finland and Singapore at the top followed by South Korea.

In his interview, Bill Gates revealed that he read 50 books a year and it’s an advocate for his many benefits. Furthermore, book reading habits need to be developed with consistency and come with the 5-hour rule; spending five hours every week or one hour each working day focused on deliberate learning.

As a result, you’ll grab a lot of data!

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If you’re a student, you can improve your vocabulary, if you’re a lawyer, you can read law books. Furthermore, it also increases your reading ability and memory. So, if you’re planning for CSS in the future, book reading is the best strategy.

Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, Pakistan’s best lawyer, politician and CSS topper once said in his interview with Umar Riaz; another CSS topper, “There’s a limit in buying anything but there’s no limit in buying books. My parents always supported me in this hobby of mine without thinking of financial situations.”

So, as parents, we should always promote book reading habits in our youngsters as they are very essential to develop as they may result in a good profession in the future.

For example, if you’re a housewife,  you can examine different strategies to manage households thus when you’re an honest reader,  you’ll develop this habit in your child too. As a result, you’ll read recipes and newspapers and it’s often adventurous too. When you’re reading a storybook, you can actually enjoy the adventures and thrill that those characters must be experiencing. Well, it completely depends on what sort of literature you would like to read.

Reclaim your evenings!

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If you’re a reader, and you would like to enjoy the fascinating process of imagination while reading books then my dear friend, during this quarantine is the right time to start reading them again. Here are some books I recommend and hope you’ll like!

1 “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari

2 ”7 Habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R.Covey

3 ”Thinking slow and fast” by Daniel Kahneman

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