A Pakistani Was Seen Selling their Newborn Baby on Facebook and It Is Absolutely Disgusting!

Pakistan has a high rate when it comes to newborn babies kidnapped from the hospital. In addition to the kidnaps, the ‘trend’ of selling babies for money isn’t something new either. Be it the kidnapped babies or the poor selling their “unexpected newborn” for the sake of money, this has been a part of our society for a while.

Just a few months back, there was a high terror among Pakistanis as the rate of kidnappings sky-rocketed. Even in that case, the children were killed and their body parts were then sold. Conclusively, something like this isn’t new in a country like ours.

However, what’s new is people bringing this to social media and treating it as something which ‘normal’.

On a Facebook Group Called Buy and Sell (Meena Bazar), Somebody Tried to Sell a Baby Online

They made a post regarding how a party is interested in selling their newborn baby. One picture of the baby was uploaded and much to everybody’s surprise, people ACTUALLLY showed interest in buying the baby off Facebook.

The post was made by Salman Ahmed who mentioned how if anybody is interested in buying the baby, they should only inbox him.

And people in the comment sections mentioned they are interested, asked about the price and also wanted to see more pictures of the baby to show their interest in buying the newborn.

The post was later removed from the group due to some backlash it received from the sane users.

Normalizing such a thing on social media is absolutely absurd. The poor community always does this because of their hunger for money, but rich people on social media selling a baby? And that too by mentioning it for the “be-ulaad” couples?

That’s just the newest low a human could hit. And the keen responses for those who were interested in buying the baby shows how some other individuals are equally to be blamed.

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