A Pakistani Journalist Reveals How Abrar-ul-Haq Sexually Exploited Her Friend and People Are In Disgust

In contrary to the modern belief that “if you are a man, you can get away with anything you do.”Here are all these women to crush this myth in every way possible. A recent uproar on the internet that has caught everyone by shock. Yesterday, Meesha Shafi the famous singer and actor who’s fierce and bold came out in public to talk about how she was sexually harassed by Ali Zafar on multiple accounts.

This was utterly shocking for many people and is now the famous talk of the town. Indeed, Ali too came out and wrote about how he denies all the claims on him of sexual harassment. But on the same day, someone else came out to tell about Abrar ul Haq! Yes, you heard it right. This journalist named Sabahat Zakariya wrote on her Twitter account about her friend was abused by the famous Pakistani singer Abrar ul Haq.

Here’s what she has to say


Here’s how people reacted to this confession. Telling the person to stop playing “victim card”

So, if a person confesses after many years of the incident it automatically turns out to be untrue?!

Yes, please!

Okay! if you have proofs only then you are right. But wait, proofs can be modified?! What even

There’s no gateway to all such people who deny or bash the women who expose the culprit. They have and always will bring these women down to shut them up. Let’s give these women more power and support for speaking the truth.

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