A Message to All the Men from Zainab Who Didn’t Know What Rape Was

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The body of your act was dumped, but the smell grew stronger and stronger. Everyone came to know what you did behind those fake sentiments of sweetness. The scar you left on my parent’s heart was bigger than the one you left on my body with your lustful eyes.

You didn’t only rape me, you raped the hopes of many parents who want their daughters to be stronger in a world where they aren’t safe.

Source: Daily Times

You didn’t only murder me just for once, you murdered the dreams of every girl who wanted to grow in this disgusting society with the thought that men like you exist. Men who call themselves men, but are just bunkum and so-called men who fear the intelligence of an assertive woman.

Source: Daily Pakistan

I am sure I was not showing off my body or wearing some revealing clothes or giving you some hints. I wish you the best with your sleepless nights where you hear me screaming and begging for that one chocolate you promised me in the return of my happy and innocent life.

I hope you rot just the way my parent’s heartburn every time they walk into my room or see my empty chair at the dining table.I don’t want you to die, I want you to live and suffer the pain you made the innocent soul go through.

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