This Fancy Hospital In Lahore Is Better Than Many Five-Star Hotels!

People often say that Pakistan is a poor country. Also, that it doesn’t have much resources and the people don’t have much money to spend on things. But these ideas do not apply to a considerably decent chunk of the top tier of the population and the businesses that are specifically designed to cater that percentage of population.

We have seen a lot of good hospitals functioning throughout the country. That offer better healthcare services than the government hospitals and a much peaceful and cleaner environment.


But what you are about to see is something most of the world has not seen!

Right in Lahore, stands a hospital that can beat any five-star hotel when it is evaluated in the infrastructure and efficiency of services.

Behold! National Hospital, Lahore!

This has been labelled as the most expensive hospital in the country with 24-hour speciality on-call services.

Polarity Of Services

There’s nothing wrong in providing good comfort to the patients in the hospital as the peace of mind from that alone can help them fight whatever sickness they have.


But, what is extremely distasteful is the massive divide and polarity this can cause. Where, at one end of the spectrum, the common people of the country are living without the basic healthcare needs in the hospital. Yet, on the other side, there is an excess!

The Hospital’s Side of The Story

The hospital administration thinks that by giving a top-notch facility within the country, the people who can afford healthcare outside the country, would prefer to stay in. This would help them save a lot of foreign exchange that goes abroad because of the lack of a high-end facility in the country.

And there’s no harm in spending more for better doctors and more comfort as that would only go in to pay the doctors, the staff and the hospital more income. As long as their is no negligence towards those who aren’t paying as much as these patients.

Do you think their reasons are justified? Do you think this is a good initiative and more hospital administrations should follow? Let us know!

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