A Mother Writes A Heart Felt Letter To Her Daughter

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My little princess,

It only seems like yesterday when you were born, and I wondered what I had done to deserve such a blessing. An angel had come into my life. Small and delicate with rosy red cheeks and tiny feet and hands. You were beautiful beyond words. Just perfect. As they placed you in my arms, and I looked at you properly for the first time, you opened your eyes and stared back at me, I felt my heart flutter. I had found my treasure- invaluable treasure.

There is only one thing, however, that I feared at the time of your birth, and even now, as you’re tottering your way around the room finding your colored pencils, what if a time comes when I fail to be around you. Life is indeed unpredictable. Therefore, I decided to write this letter to give you a few life lessons, which, if you took seriously, you’ll be able to live a happy and joyous life.

1. You’re Beautiful


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Your color, your height , your body shape has been made the way it is for a reason, and it is beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Don’t fear when people body shame you. Believe in yourself, and take pride in how you’ve been created.

2. Don’t Fear Failure 


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Life will be tough many times. There might be times when you’d have worked so hard, yet the results would not come out the way you had expected. Don’t worry. It is still going to be a success if that failure had taught you a lesson. Failure is not to be afraid of, it is the fear of not being able to learn from it, is what you should have.

3. Stop Blaming Yourself


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Keep in mind that you’re only human, and there is only so much you can have a control over. Sometimes problems arise not because you are at fault. They arise because there are things beyond human power to control. Go easy on yourself. Forgive yourself, because every bad incident that happens in the world is not your fault.

4. Read Good Books


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This is one thing Nonna taught me when I was young. She said reading never harms anyone, but it empowers the reader. It provides you knowledge, and knowledge is empowerment. Therefore, keep reading and making me and Nonna proud.

5. Don’t Lose Your Values In The Name Of Liberalism 


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I want you to succeed in every step of your life. I want you to be a working woman. An independent woman. I believe you’re nothing less than a man when it comes to achieving your goals. But while you’re making your choices as a liberal woman do not forget your values and morals. It is very easy to show the world how liberal you are by breaching the little boundaries, but I want to you to keep within those boundaries, so that there is respect alongside the success that you attain.

6. Be Adventurous 


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Visit places. Trek mountains. Learn to swim. Go bungee jumping. Take part in every adventurous activity that you can. In short, enjoy life while you can. Life is not just about working and sitting at home sipping your coffee. It is about so much more and I want you to have as much fun discovering the world and it’s beautiful sites as you can, and while you can.

7. Live In The Present


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It’s very easy to keep remembering how people harmed you ten years ago, but I don’t want you to be wallowing in self-pity just because you keep bringing up past situations. Forgive people for what they did in the past and learn to live in the present, because only then will you stay happy.

I hope, little princess, that life doesn’t treat you very harshly, but even if it does remember there is always going to be one person whose going to love you regardless of your condition or your mistakes. Your mom. Stay happy, stay strong.




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